A Day to Remember (by Jen O’Neill)

All Time Low by Emanuela SLIM Rillo - on Flickr.


even my friends aren’t my friends

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Citizen by Jordan Felix

kiss-meh-senseless said: Tea or water? Spiderman or wolverine? What time do you usually go to sleep at? Do you eat healthy?

I drink water more often. Either is fine really I’m not totally huge on superheroes so I can’t really make an argument on who’s better. On school nights around midnight, any other time around 12:30/1am. I try to but not really because i kinda have to eat whatever my parents buy or i won’t eat at all bc our money is so tight so i can’t be super picky

kiss-meh-senseless said: There's this girl in my french class that I think is cute but I have to be very discrete when I look at her because I'm still chilling in the closet

i am in no way discrete when it comes to looking at the guy i like i’m pretty sure he’s caught me looking at him like 6 times but tbh i’m never actually looking where i should be anyway so maybe he just thinks i’m daydreaming or something. so at least you know how to do it discretely ahaha. good luck with it though!!!